You have a vision. You're smart, talented, passionate and
you have an incredible knack for that
thing you do oh so well.


The only problem is...

  • How you see yourself is far different from the person looking back at you in the mirror
  • You don’t command the attention or respect from those who need you

  • Right now, only your family, closest friends and a handful of Facebook followers know you exist


BUT, I can help you to change all that. My name is Kenetia and
I'm affectionately known as America's Beauty Activist...


...because I empower trailblazers, visionaries and thought leaders like you to EMBRACE their POWER by redefining their BEAUTY. 

You were not meant to fit in, so let me help you put a spotlight on all of your brilliance.

  • Turn your first impression into a lasting one by mastering your presence

  • Rewrite your internal dialogue so you speak with clarity and purpose

  • Learn to effectively project your brand through behavior, communication, wardrobe, hair and makeup

If you know in your heart you were born to LEAD, isn't it time to STAND OUT and COMMAND the ATTENTION you need to CHANGE THE WORLD?