Hi Beautiful,

I'm Kenetia Lee.

There are two things I’m passionate aboutbeauty and providing leaders like you with the inspiration, tools and guidance you need to feel empowered by your beauty.

Whether you see yourself on Capitol Hill changing national policy, in front of thousands raising awareness of childhood obesity, or being the face of your own global empire, I can help you to gain the confidence, respect and visibility to make your vision a reality.

I was nine years old when my mom became a beauty consultant for Mary Kay. From that day forward, I was enthusiastically determined to help women (men too) feel confident about their looks as my mother still does to this day.

I have a black belt in extracting the very best qualities in people and magnifying them so they can get the recognition and visibility they deserve.

I am a Zen master in self-awareness and personal development with a keen eye for aesthetics.

Having been a Red Carpet makeup artist for celebrities and a spokesperson for brands such as Mark Cosmetics, Revlon and CoverGirl, I can turn the girl next door into the woman everybody wants to know.

I help people look like they deserve everything they want.

The BIG QUESTION is...What is it that you want to be seen and known for?

You likely already know. Most visionaries, thought leaders and trailblazers like you carry that feeling of “I am meant to do something great!” in their gut.

Isn’t it time you bridged that gap between where you are and where you want to be? If you are a YES, then I would love to help you with that.

Yours truly,


P.S. By all means, let’s stay connected...



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As an author, speaker and visibility consultant, Kenetia Lee captivates the world stage with her bold, fresh, and empowering message that redefines a woman’s approach to beauty. Passionately committed to helping women live boldly and beautifully, she speaks with women and women’s organizations all over the country encouraging them to appreciate themselves and embrace their beauty fearlesslya message she has made widely available via her book Fearless Beauty 360°: A Complete Guide to Self Acceptance and Empowerment

Kenetia’s work as a highly sought-after Red Carpet Makeup Artist for over 12 years has given her the honor of working intimately with high profile individuals at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and Teen Vogue Fashion LIVE to name a few.

As a Public Speaker & Spokesperson, she has worked with Revlon, CoverGirl, Mark Cosmetics, The Miss Universe Organization, Step Up Women’s Network, and other national organizations.

Kenetia has regularly appeared on Television shows such as ABC’s "Eyewitness News Sunday Morning," WB’s "Good Day Arizona," WB’s "Flix & Pix Detroit,” and CW’s “Extra!”

Kenetia has also contributed her expertise as a Featured Columnist in publications such as InStyle, The Las Vegas Review, and The Los Angeles Sentinel.