Your presence is a walking, breathing and speaking billboard. You are always communicating something by the way you look, behave and the words that fall out of your mouth. Believe it or not your non-verbal communication speaks louder than what you actually say, but both are important factors in elevating your presence.

Human beings are sensory beings. We pick up on people’s energy, body language and smell faster than our brain compute language. Within seconds of coming into contact with someone you have already made up your mind about them. It is worth investing a little time and also money into learning how your verbal and nonverbal communication style is perceived by your intended audience.

Are you looking to elevate your presence to move up the corporate ladder? Or, be a thought leader in your field of expertise? I already know your answer is "YES!" Otherwise, why would you be reading this?

Once you have passed all of the non-verbal cues and drew in your intended audience. They are waiting with bated breathe to hear what you have to say. And at this stage of the game, what you say is just as important as how you say it. Here are a few surefire tips to have them pay attention:

  • Make eye contact (yes, make contact with their eyeballs)

  • Find a high and low clear tone in which to speak (you’ll need someone else’s ear for this one)

  • Have concise and compelling things on hand to speak about

Most extreme extroverts like myself do these things with ease, but often times we miss the mark by not speaking concisely. Practice a few key speaking points to have in your back pocket at all times for various different audiences, this works extremely well for introverts as well. These few key speaking points said concisely will help you bridge the gap to speak more at length on the spot or in the future.  

If you take a few cues from Donald Trump’s style of communication you might also do the following:

  • Speak with authority

  • Speak with passion

  • Speak your truth apologetically

I’m assuming you are an ethical thought leader, so do your homework and check your facts. But by all means don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers, you will not be liked by all. The people who resonates with your message will welcome your point of view.

Last but not least have some consideration for how your audience listens to and responds to you. To impact someone else’s behavior you have to speak to them in a way in which they can hear you. You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get anywhere.

If your audience speaks loudly match their volume. If they are serene and calm speaking people, don’t walk in shouting at the top of your lungs. Be mindful of your audience.