A woman with a really strong presence knows herself. This is not to say she isn’t still becoming who she wants to be. However, she has clarity about who she is and does not pretend to be something she is not.

This type of personal knowing exhibits confidence and confidence, girlfriend, is attractive.

Since you have a fire in your belly to share your special gifts with the world, you must take stock in all of your assets. Once you clearly know and understand them yourself, people who are aligned with you will easily identify with you and want what you have to offer or say.

There were a few defining moments in my life that clearly defined who I am. The biggest one was forgiving my father. I felt the weight of resentment drop from my body and immediately saw myself as bold, free and beautiful. Words by which I live my life.

Anytime I have a major decision to make, I ask myself, “Am I being bold or am I acting out of my fears?” “Does it provide me freedom or weigh me down?” and “Is this something a person who represents beauty would do?"

  • What's been a defining moment in your life? A moment where your response to your circumstances displayed the type of character you admire or want to display more of.
  • Can you identify 3 word that represents the person you were being during that defining moment?
  • Write out these words and formulate questions that will help ground yourself in your truth when faced with major or even minor decisions.

Lastly, but definitely not least, create time in your daily schedule to be with yourself. Meditate. Walk. Journal. Pray. Practice yoga. Read things that feed your soul. The woman who takes care of her emotional and spiritual well-being definitely has an alluring presence.