Fearless Beauty TV is here.....

After years of talking about creating a youtube channel, Fearless Beauty TV is finally here. I’m a bit nervous, but also really excited. Excited because it’s something new and I’m a bit nervous because with anything new............... there is a huge learning curve and plenty of room for growth.

I created Fearless Beauty TV for you, so we can laugh, cry and share in this incredible journey together. AND explore ways to stay beautiful and keep our sex appeal as we age. This process of aging can sometimes be a bit daunting so why not share with each other in this soulful journey of being a woman together. My mission is to be a source of empowerment through it all!

Every week on Wednesday’s I will roll out another video and the more interactive you are with me the more I will be able to produce content you are interested in watching. Make suggestions, comments and let me know what you want to hear and see from me. Thank you so much for tuning in, be sure to subscribe to Fearless Beauty TV to get the latest video each week. Here’s to Fearless Beauty TV!