Never too Late For a New Start

This was by far the most challenging holiday season I've experienced my entire life. I had two friends die unexpectedly, 3 phones dismantled within the span of 4 weeks and a soar throat for a month and a half which turned into a dreadful cold. All of my intentions for starting the new year off in good health, great cheer and a one-two punch for getting things done all took a back seat to healing my mind, body and spirit.

When healing takes priority to getting things done, I know the Universe is trying to speak to me. Either I'm completely off course or it's time to take a slightly different direction.  Too often I have burrowed through my emotions and opted for antibiotics, only to find myself feeling completely rundown just days or weeks later. This time I made a promise to myself to be deliberate in processing my emotions and caring for the health of my body. And now that I've come out on the other side, I can honestly say it was time well spent.   

All the hype around starting new in the New Year, is just that, hype. If your year has started off to a slow start, don't worry you still have the start of a new month and every day you wake up you are given a new day to begin again. Be gentle with yourself! Setting goals and planning out your actions can be done on a regular basis, not just January 1st.  Resolve this year to take better care of yourself, learn what works about your beautiful design and you will likely exceed those goals, not just achieve them.

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