My First Mammogram

You might think I'm a little weird, but I was kind of looking forward to taking my first mammogram. I think it has something to do with me getting an adrenaline rush from having first experiences. It didn't occur to me before I walked into that tiny room with that massive metal machine that this test could literally change the course of my entire live.

The technician was quite thorough in her explanation of what was about to go down, but as thorough as she was the entire process was still shocking to me.  After the shock wore off, I was happy that my first mammogram was behind me. Now all I had to do was wait to get the results, which were mailed to me with an all clear, but what an awful way to learn about life altering news. 

Despite the discomfort of the exam and the ancient delivery system of receiving my results, I am happy to get my yearly mammogram. For now this is how to check the health of your breast tissue, aside from doing your own personal breast exams right after your monthly cycle, both of which can add in early detection of breast cancer. 

Awareness of your breast health is sexy and beautiful. Watch the video and find out how you could avoid some of the pain that might come along with getting your mammograms.

Please feel free to share any tips or tricks you might have to make taking your mammogram easier below.