As Miss Universe, I am passionate about having people understand the power of their inner beauty. Kenetia takes you on a step-by-step journey to uncover the beauty from within. A must hear/read message for any woman seeking to live a life of confidence and capability.
— Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012
This was by far one of the best programs and self-care improvement courses I have taken. I want to thank Kenetia for sharing her personal story and experience.
— Holly Richards, President & Founder of Gals Starting Over
I invited Kenetia to speak at my annual Women’s Conference and from the moment she entered the room she captivated the audience. They knew she was there to be of service and to give freely her knowledge and expertise....I especially loved her playful yet poised and down to earth style of engaging with the audience. Her message was thoughtful, inspirational and relevant in a world where people easily diminish their magnificence. I will definitely invite Kenetia to speak at my future events. She has a message, a presence and an energy that must be present wherever there is a need for participants to be empowered.
— Catrice M. Jackson, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Global Visionary Leader of the Awakened Conscious Shift

Thank you so much for helping make the 4th Annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo 2013 a success. It was magical how you connected with the audience....you really inspired them and touched them in a way that opened their eyes to finding their inner beauty. Selfishly, it was also great to work with you — from our initial conversation through event day you delivered over and beyond our expectations with professionalism, grace and expertise. We look forward to working with you in the future.
— Donna Chase Benton and Natashia Ford
Kenetia is an engaging speaker who captured the attention of our students immediately and kept them engaged to the very end. The wealth of knowledge she has about the little things that bring real beauty was captivating. We want her to come back again and share her wisdom with other students.
— Derek Yuill, Director of Events, Gabrielino High School

I have so much respect for Kenetia’s work helping women become their most powerful selves by embracing and being Fearless Beauties. After attending one of Kenetia’s live events, I experienced her vulnerability and deep desire to lead us all to the greatest expression of our uniquely authentic selves by courageously showing us how she walks her talk.
— Naja Hayward, Lifestyle Architect
Kenetia has an infectious energy which motivates people into seeing their true potential. After listening to her, you cannot help but see your true worth and endless possibilities.
— Joe M., Long Beach, CA



I absolutely love this inspiring and empowering book. I now look in the mirror and see ME, as I am and love who is looking back. Thank you Kenetia Lee for using your story and your voice to inspire others.
— Erika C. Bracey, Founder of Different Shaped of Pink
Fearless Beauty360 offers the reader the opportunity to get to the root of any challenges with self-esteem and worth. The book exposes what really matters when considering what it really means to be beautiful and that it really has little to do with having the perfect features. Whether you feel secure most of the time or really yearn for a deeper sense of self acceptance, this is a book to always have on hand.
— Lisa
Fearless Beauty 360 showed me that I needed to invest in forgiveness and learn not to undermine myself with a negative narrative. I followed the advice in the book and found my life reaching a new level of joy through self-acceptance.
— Gregg
If you have at least one body part that you don’t like about yourself or wish you could change, stop obsessing about it, then read this book! Kenetia will help you achieve a state of inner beauty that you might not ever have thought was possible. I highly recommend this Fearless Beauty 360!
— Randy Peyser
It was my honor to work with Kenetia Lee on the editing for her book. She is a very special person with a wonderful message. I recommend this book for anyone who hasn’t yet accepted who they are....inside and out.
— Joanne Shwed